"As a commercial real estate firm, we need quick, reliable and cost conscious service for our clients...with New Vision Roofing, we get that. For over twenty years beginning with Denny Adler Sr. and Adler Roofing, to Denny Adler Jr. and New Vision Roofing, we have consistently received excellent service. "

- Pamela L. Bertovich
PLB & Associates LLC. 

"Our school has worked with New Vision Roofing over the last three years as we replace aging roofs. It has been a joy to work with New Vision. Their knowledgeable, friendly staff has worked with us to evaluate and prioritize our roofing needs. The work they have done has been even better than we expected. Their customer service has exceeded all expectations. We will continue to use them for all roofing needs - although their work is so good that we don't expect we will need to talk to them anytime soon! I rocommend them for any business looking to do roof work. "

- Chris Steinmann - Principal
Lutheran High School East 

"I've been meaning to drop you an email to tell you how pleased we are with the work that you have done on both the roof and the gutters. Personally I am a firm believer in all things happen for a reason in all aspects of life and i'll tell you I am very glad the situation unfolded as it did not only with our friend the gutter man, but the others that you forwarded to me as well. What a difference it has made towards protecting our assets as well as the looks of our building. And on a second note, what a great bunch of guys you have - very courteous and polite and always there to answer any questions we had...not to mention they kept everything neat and tidy! You truly are a bunch of professionals and I would be glad to forward your contact information to anyone needing your services. Feel free to post a sign out in the front yard. "

- Kelly
Troy Precision Carbide Die Inc. 

"Great company to work with. Price could no be beat and the service and quality of work was tremendous. Denny Adler wanted to serve the school and church with his roofing services. This type of character and integrity is not easy to find."

- Gregory
St. John's Lutheran Church and School 

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